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The Shackman 2000 Music Emporium

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I have moved the majority of my tape list. It is now located HERE.

My Doors, Hendrix, and Zappa lists are HERE.

If anyone has any info on Summer 
Tour Tape Trees, please e-mail me                               
directly and let me know.  I'm not                               
going to be able to get to any                              
of the shows, so I need to find a                               
way to get some good quality copies.                              

By the Way...

My name is Gabe . I am currently living in Denver, Colorado. I play guitar, (for about 10-12 years), and I am trying to find some musicians in the Denver area. If you play anything, I want to jam!!Send me an e-mail, and we'll go from there.

Since I moved to Denver, My Parents have been very lonely!! They love getting e-mail though. So drop them a line while you're here!!

Send e-mail to Moe. (my dad)

Send an e-mail to Heidi. (my mom)

Have an MMW tape with no setlist? Check out the Medeski Martin and Wood setlists page.

Or, if you just want to check them out...

What's your Phavorite Phish album?
What's your Phavorite Phish album??

Need info about The Great Went?
The Great Went
This is not sold out yet, and I don't think that it will. Click on the icon to get all of the details.

The Official Phish Home Page
Check out the Official Phish Home Page., A cool new Phish site.
Check out the story of Gamehendge...

[Link to the Phish.Net Home Page] Helping Phriendly Book

Check out's Helping Phriendly Book...

...or maybe you're into The Dead...

Tape Trading Links... -- Grateful Dead, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Widespread Panic, God Street Wine, Allman Brothers Band, Rusted Root, Blues Traveler,(e:)verything, moe., Leftover Salmon...Make great tape trades, new friends and Post Your Tape List at!
Check out

...Or Try This Phish Trading Site!!

There are tons of Grateful Dead Tapelists at this site!!

Check This Stuff Out...

The Rest Of My Tapes...
(Phish, MM&W, Hendrix, etc...)
Other links of musical interest...
Zappa, GD, Phish, MM&W...and other trading resources...
Current trades...
Trades in progress, and tapes on the way.
How do I like to trade?
Trading info, and how to contact me.
Tape Of The Week...
My favorite tape this week is...
Gabe's MM&W Page
Stuff about the band
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The Grateful Dead Gallery

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