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Trading   Info...

If you are interested in trading, please read the following 
information.  I am flexable on most of it, but if you can 
go along with these simple guide lines, it would make 
things a bit easier for me.   

If you are interested in setting up a trade, please send e-mail to: I just moved to Denver, CO. I am looking for musicians in this area as well as traders, so get in touch with me. again, that e-mail address is:

Here's how I like to trade...

1.  Agree on how many tapes will be traded and which ones.
2.  Each person will then purchase enough Maxell XL-II 90's
    to complete the trade.
3.  Spin them and send them out. (no high-speed, no Dolby)
4.  Send e-mail when you send tapes out, and again when you 
    receive your tapes.

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