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Gabe's Tape of the Week

This page is my pick for one of my favorite tapes. It is to help you find the tapes on my list that you should consider adding to your collection.

This week's Tape Of The Week is... 
Medeski Martin & Wood!
11/3/96  Sommerville Theater, Ma.  180min

I was at this show.  If you live in the Boston area, and 
you hear that MMW will be playing the Sommerville Theater, 
GO SEE THEM!!  It's a grate place to see them.  The encore 
on this tape is "We're So Happy."  I had never heard them 
play it before, so I decided to yell, "We're so happy!!" 
between songs.  I was So Happy. 

The Set List

I: Intro>Jelly Belly>Drumz>Henduck, Think, Syeeda's Song 
Flute>Spy Kiss>Dracula, Shuck It Up

II: ITAHTLMJ, Lifeblood, Bubble House, Night Marchers, Bass 
Solo, Bemsha>Lively Up Yourself, Crosstown Traffic

E: We're So Happy

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