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This page is for me to keep track of trades, people I have contacted, and tapes that SHOULD be on the way. If you have set up a trade with me, you may want to check this page frequently for changes, and to see if your tapes have been sent out. Also, look to see if I have the right info.

Current Trades...

John Stone
His Phish: 2/25/97 -- 8/5/96
My Phish: 7/2/95 -- 12/4/95
Tapes are done.  Sending out on Tuesday (5/27).

Bob Peterson
His Phish: 2/16/97 -- 2/26/97
My MMW: 3/10/96 -- 9/29/96
Tapes are done.  Sending out on Tuesday (5/27).

Molly Sugarman
Her Phish: 3/2/97
My Phish: 12/4/95

Recently Mailed...

My end of every trade 
has been 

Tapes on the way...


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